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Enjoy Learning About Iran

Were you aware that Persians make up over half of the population in Iran? It’s fascinating to begin to explore Iranian descent. This country has a very rich history full of diverse people. There’s so many different traditions and cultures it’s really fun to study. You’ll definitely be able to learn more here about Iranian descent.

The 10th century BC is a great place to start studying Iranian descent. It was during this time that a large group of ancient Persians entered the Iran of today. They built the foundation that Iran of today was created on. The artistic contributions are really exciting to look at too. Also the field of science has gained a lot of value from Persian contributions.

Have you ever heard of ancient Persians before? Ancient Persians belonged to a nomadic branch that existed in Iran.

Word Iran actually comes from the Persian language. Iran when translated means land of the Aryans. The complete official name of Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was in 1979 that this name was given. Persian languages are also Indo-European languages.

Iran chose its national flag in 1980. When you look at the flag you can see three horizontal lines or bands. Each band has its own specific color. The three colors of the Iranian flag include green, red and white. The color green is supposed to inspire people by representing growth. Green is considered the color of Islam. Peacefulness and true honesty are represented by the color white. What a beautiful idea to have a peaceful representation on the national flag. Finally there is the color red on the flag. Do you have any idea what the color red might stand for?
The color red stands for courage and sacrifice. Becoming a martyr is considered an honor in Iran.

There are also words on the Iranian flag. The Iranian flag says all Allah. Then there is a phrase written about Allah. In translation the phrase means none is worthy of worship but Allah. The words are written to form the shape of a wonderful tulip flower. In addition there was on the flag that translates into the meaning God is great. To be specific the phrase actually appears over 20 times. This is a really strong indication of the love for religion found in Iran. A lot of scholars believe it is these beliefs that help tie them together and create unity.

Iranian descent is truly an engaging topic to deeply study Much of Iran today can be traced back to specific roots. Never stop endeavoring to learn more about things that can fascinate you!

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